How to Choose Photos in 5 Easy Steps

The worst part of being a photographer is having to choose among piles of photos, several that could be considered the best. Therefore, many camerapeople delegate this privilege to their clients.

How to Choose Photos

Because it would be cruel to puzzle them with such a hard task without any clue how to solve it, I wrote this tutorial:

Step #1:
Go take a nap. Not right now, but after you receive the photos and take a quick look at them. Do not make the selection right away. You can delete the failures but nothing more. Your perception is likely to change after at the second glimpse. You have probably heard the advice to put away your writing until the next morning, or at least for a couple of hours before the final edition. It is the same rule with photos.

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The Resume with Rhythm and Bunnies: The True Story of Creation

Construction workers gazed suspiciously at the strange girl with a camera and a tripod taking photos of herself at 7 am on Saturday in the middle of the desert. This girl was me and she was happy. She found the location she was looking for. Soon after, she headed home to do some preparations…


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The Hanging Gardens of New York

It took 3 years to transform the Avenue of Death into the Alley of Life. Well, okay, 3 years and $50 million. Regardless, the creators of the High Line Park deserve a round of applause.

The High Lane Park, New York

In New York City we are tiny creatures surrounded by a mountainous jungle of glass and concrete. The streets and avenues of Manhattan leave little space for real greens. Chelsea is a particularly industrial and gloomy area… Well, it was before the rough old railroad was redesigned into a modern, delightful park. Continue reading