If you are in Paris, it is mandatory for you to go to the very top of the Eiffel tower.

Planet Paris

This article’s headline is the excuse for the first picture and, in particular, for the forlornly tilted horizon. Photographers, take notes  :)

The idea of climbing the metallic construction in freezing and windy 41*F weather didn’t attract me much. But there was no choice. My cousin, Tatiana, is a big traditionalist. For her to be in Paris and not to climb the Eiffel Tower would be the same crime as for a decent communist to be in Moscow and to omit the Mausoleum. So I had no option to escape.

Planet Paris

There are three sightseeing platforms: each one on different level. You can use stairs for the two lowest platforms, and there is no option except an elevator for the highest one. The ticket price depends on the level you want to visit.

Planet Paris

The Eiffel construction has several restaurants but there is no hope for spontaneous dinner. You have to book a table days before.

See the blue lights …. They are the skyscrapers of La Defance.

Planet Paris

Even professional tourist Tatiana couldn’t stay in the cruel Parisian wind. Once we reached the top she ran quickly around the Tower and lurked inside, tapping out La Marseillaise with her teeth. I wasn’t able to do the same. As a blogger I couldn’t balk at the chance to picture this adorable city from the very top of the Eiffel Tower. However, I did survive, didn’t even catch a cold.

Planet Paris

Don you know that they have their own Statue of Liberty in Paris? I’m not kidding. Meanwhile not many tourist know this fact and maybe even not every Parisian. It’s a bit smaller than its older sister in New York, only 38ft, and situated only 15 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower.

See that unusual strip of land between two bridges? It’s Swan island, a beautiful and peaceful manmade place.

So the green stone lady with a torch in her hand is standing faithfully in the very end of it.

Planet Paris

My truly New Yorker cousin Tatyana insisted on visiting this statue. It was the second week of her vacation and only the La Defance skyscrapers and the Fake Statue of Liberty were saving her from homesickness.

A Ticket to the top of Eiffel tower costs about 15 Euro and it’s better to buy it on the internet or be ready for a 30-50 minute line. All information in several different languages is available on

Planet Paris

As a witness I highly recommend everybody  spare no expense and no time and climb to the very top of the most visited attraction in the world.

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