The Resume with Rhythm and Bunnies

Resume I own two pets,
                two fluffy rabbits.
They are well graced
                and have good habits.
They hate it
                 if all day I’m out,
They love me lots,
                 there is no doubt!

All artists search
                 for inspiration.
I look for it
                 in cloud formations.
When I am writing
                  I arrive
To a nice spot
                  on Mulholland Drive.

I wrote texts
           all day today.
The fact
      of being me away
Caused a precise
And they began

“Where have you been?”
                    my Lexa asked.
To answer
                was an easy task
“I was at a store.
                I bought some food,
So you should be
                 in a happy mood!”

She comes at me
                  a little closer
Then sniffs, then wrys,
                  covers her nose.
“So if you were
                  at the store, my dear,
Why do you smell
                   like a keg of beer?”

“It was a guy…
              he grabbed a pack,
With the same hand
               picked up a snack,
He stumbled, dropped it,
               smashed it down.
He would make a
              horrendous clown!
I stood too close
               to the rack,
The beer splashed up
               and soaked my back.”

“You’re not an owner,
                   you are a headache!
You should come home
                    for each school break!
You have us,
                precious fluffy pets
And all you give us
                      are upsets.
Don’t wanna see you.
                        Go out!

Go  drink some beer.

                        Stop your pout!
We loved you, waited,
                        we were worried.
And you weren’t even
                         in a hurry!
I do not want
             to have these worries!
I do not want
             to hear these stories!
Just look at us
             we are perfection!
It’s only you
             who’s the exception!”

I was depressed.  
              I sat in tears.
They all came true
              my dreadful fears.
I gave them kisses
               and some greens
Promised a weekend
                in Palm Springs

“I love you, girls,
                 please, do believe me!
And never ever
                 think to leave me!   
But I will go
We love to eat
                   fresh veggies, right?
Here is the thing,
                   my dear bunnies,
To feed you  
                  I need to make money.”

“So maybe you can
                        rob a bank?”

“No, no, Suzi.
                Little prank!
You, pretty rabbit,
                  stay a slob.
But I will have
              to find a job.

You know,
              I do have a skill
And people’s dreams
                         I do fulfil.
And not just one.
                First – photo taking,
Then –
         great commercial making.
I can come up
           with whole campaigns,
I can create
           strategy lanes.
I can boost Instagrams
                        and blogs,
Initiate hot
           Facebook talks.

For Jaguar
        I made campaigns
Cirque du Soleil…
         Let me explain,                   
I’ve worked with many
                         over time
But in this poem
             they don’t rhyme.

My skills are great
             for helping others
I’ve worked with kids
             who have no mothers
I’m helping pets
              to find a home
And changing lives
              for those who roam.
I have some rules,
                 Here is one:
I only claim
           my work is done.
If client’s eyes
            are shining bright
With rapture, joy,
                 and with delight.

Those eyes are
              the best reward.
They’re greater
              than a Cannes Lions Award
This is what gives me
              joy and drive.
And this  provides
              my sense of life.
“Ok, I got you,”
               Lexa said,
“But now it’s time
              to go to bed.”
I turned. And she,
             through long eyelashes,
Saw on my back
              big beer splashes.

The next day came
              and it was sunny.
“Let’s find a job!”
              suggest my bunny.
Linkedin for this
              is a perfect place
Regardless of your
              age or race.
So I signed up,
             got a profile.
It asked for a photo
            with a smile.      .
I called my girls
            to help me take it.
I was afraid
            I would not make it.

They helped a lot,
                 my fluffy bunnies
They brought some props
                  and wrote some signs.
They made suggestions
                   what to wear
And also
           they did my hair.


And, yes, I’m looking for a job.
Please, do not hesitate to share! :)

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