The Resume with Rhythm and Bunnies: The True Story of Creation

Construction workers gazed suspiciously at the strange girl with a camera and a tripod taking photos of herself at 7 am on Saturday in the middle of the desert. This girl was me and she was happy. She found the location she was looking for. Soon after, she headed home to do some preparations…


I’m a photographer and marketing and PR specialist with 10 years of experience. My passion is to create social and commercial campaigns. And now I’m looking for a job.

My office friends say that my traditional resume is awesome and nearly perfect. However, the truth is – it’s professional, dry, and boring. I decided to create another one!

“All by myself. Aaaallll byyyy myyyyseeeeelf,” I trained my vocal cords while I wrote. My handwriting is terrible, but it is far better than my singing skills. It was an egoistic act. I do not live alone; I share an apartment with two adorable, fluffy bunnies. They were terrified by my concert. They put in earplugs and receded to the bedroom. That’s why I’m alone down there in my selfie.

Selfie for the Resume

Yes, I’m doing it myself, because my team is somewhere halfway across the world and this is not one of our multi-thousand dollar projects. It feels lonely and sometimes frustrating, but I deal with it. I was able to create and launch a large social project called all by myself, including website development and logo creation. By the way, write me if you would like to participate!

For Russia With Love

The next day, all of my props were ready and so was I. I did not want to be the only fool out there with a huge travel bag and a cardboard sign on a road that ended in 500 feet, so I invited my friend Cris to join me. He helped a lot, including finding big stones to use as ballasts for my bag. The wind was vicious. The temperature was 100F.

It had been a long time since I had posed on the other side of the camera, but it was fun – despite the heat, the wind, and the absurdity of situation. Cris had the most difficult mission, which was to press the “Capture” button on the iPad to trigger the camera. He did his best and deserved a kiss!

Howard Hughes held off a movie shoot for several month waiting for clouds. He lost a fortune. I can’t afford such luxury, as my bunnies need fresh greens every day :) Nonetheless, I have an even better tool – Photoshop. The only obstacle was to decide what sky color suited the picture best.


Photoshop takes time and patience. I listened to an audiobook called “The Martian” by Andy Weir and it helped me to endure the long process of retouching. The central character, Mark Watney, lives alone on Mars for years. He has to create a garden there to survive. Potatoes are his only source of food for months. Compared to his hardship, my photoshop assignment is a piece of cake!

Why there is a fighter trainer L-39 Albatros jet in the right top corner? I love it. I flew it. Here is the proof:


I always try to take the full and complete picture while shooting, and make adjustments only if it’s really necessary. Once, my team even painted real jeans on a model’s behind! But there was no way I would risk my bunny’s life by bringing her to an overheated desert. So yes, my @bunnyLeksa was added to the photo later, but her cute pink travel bag was really there :)

It took 5 cups of coffee, one audiobook, and several mental breakdowns to create this picture.


I am a newbie in Los Angeles, as I have been living here for less than a year. My biggest challenge is writing in English. Every time I write a new paragraph, I wonder how many mistakes I have made. I’ve found that the best way to learn a language is to practice it in unique ways. To overcome my fear, I wrote my resume in the form of a poem. Click here to read it, and please tell me if you find any mistakes!

Do you think it will help me find a job?

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