How to Choose Photos in 5 Easy Steps

The worst part of being a photographer is having to choose among piles of photos, several that could be considered the best. Therefore, many camerapeople delegate this privilege to their clients.

How to Choose Photos

Because it would be cruel to puzzle them with such a hard task without any clue how to solve it, I wrote this tutorial:

Step #1:
Go take a nap. Not right now, but after you receive the photos and take a quick look at them. Do not make the selection right away. You can delete the failures but nothing more. Your perception is likely to change after at the second glimpse. You have probably heard the advice to put away your writing until the next morning, or at least for a couple of hours before the final edition. It is the same rule with photos.

Step #2:
Make a new folder and copy all the photos in it. Attention: Do not transfer, but COPY. Whatever will you do with this second folder you can assure that the original photos are safe in the first folder.

Step #3:
Take a deep breath. We are starting to delete photos. Remember, we are deleting from the second folder so it is not as scary as it seems – you are allowed to make unlimited mistakes. Go ahead, press the DELETE button. It is fun. Get rid of all imperfection!

Step #4:
Time to take a break. Go walk your dog (borrow from a neighbor if you do not have one) or watch a TV series. Perception needs to be refreshed again.

Step #5:
Find our favorite DELETE button again. Now we have much fewer photos, Also many similars are closer to each other, so it is easy to compare. Look closely and you will find a crushed sleeve, an unnatural arm or ugly shadow. You do not need two identical pictures. Leave only the best shots.

Repeat the steps 4 and 5 as many times as necessary and soon only the best of the best photos will remain in the folder.

How to choose photos

If you have an agreement with the photographer for retouching only ten photos but you like thirteen, here is a hint: Send back all thirteen and tell the artist how thankful you are for the amazing experience and gorgeous results. Do not forget to mention that! After all, it was their genius who made these pictures so great that you cannot even choose the best 10 out of 13. I bet the photographer will be flattered and give you a bonus. Just, please, do not tell anybody that I taught you this trick, or they will find me and retaliate for the extra work.

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