The Perfect Fit

Nowadays it takes around 12 minutes and 50 seconds to produce the average pair of jeans. Well, it took us 11 hours to create our version of the ideal pair of jeans… and that was only the part of them! Here is our story of searching for a perfect behind and painting the perfect jeans on it in order to create a perfect commercial.

The perfect fit

Some guys probably think this sounds like a dream job, but, believe me, it can be exhausting to hunt for available beautiful butts, especially for several days in a row. Continue reading

Lonely in a Desert

There is a house in the middle of a desert, somewhere close to Porteville, California.

Fairy Tale House

It is a fairy tale house. What is it doing there? It might had been surrounded with green fields and gardens before the drought came. Now it’s just a cute but lonely structure in the middle of a wasteland.