The Resume with Rhythm and Bunnies: The True Story of Creation

Construction workers gazed suspiciously at the strange girl with a camera and a tripod taking photos of herself at 7 am on Saturday in the middle of the desert. This girl was me and she was happy. She found the location she was looking for. Soon after, she headed home to do some preparations…


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Life Is Not a Fairy Tale

Today, two-year-old kids operate gadgets better than adults. It seems that even at birth they already know how to watch fairy tales on Youtube. Time passes quickly and these children begin to explore our world via the Internet. But the world is not a fairy tale.

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
Kaspersky Parental Control

As part of a promotional campaign for Kaspersky Antivirus software, we created these realistic fairy tale pictures to warn parents about the dangers their children may face on the internet. We added frightening situations to five well-known fairy tales to show adults the alarming realities that can await their children on the internet. Continue reading

The Perfect Fit

Nowadays it takes around 12 minutes and 50 seconds to produce the average pair of jeans. Well, it took us 11 hours to create our version of the ideal pair of jeans… and that was only the part of them! Here is our story of searching for a perfect behind and painting the perfect jeans on it in order to create a perfect commercial.

The perfect fit

Some guys probably think this sounds like a dream job, but, believe me, it can be exhausting to hunt for available beautiful butts, especially for several days in a row. Continue reading

The Resume with Rhythm and Bunnies

Resume I own two pets,
                two fluffy rabbits.
They are well graced
                and have good habits.
They hate it
                 if all day I’m out,
They love me lots,
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