The One Buck Labyrinth

This place is so weird. I would not be surprised to meet a rabbit with a hat, flying on a magic rug offering everyone the choice of two pills: a red one and a blue one . Books are everywhere. They fly out from the shelf to greet guests. They lay on tables, rest on couches, twist whimsically up to the ceiling. An endless labyrinth of shelves sprawls across 20 000 square feet, harboring  innumerable amounts of stories, facts, thoughts and theories. In the heart of downtown Los Angeles the portal to parallel worlds, The Last Bookstore, exists.

The Last Bookstore. Photographer Irina Vasilevitskaya

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The Den of the Phantom of the Opera

At nine euros to enter this place it was the best investment of our Paris vacation. The Grand Opera is one of the most beautiful examples of architecture in the World.

The Grand Opera

For one of the most significant places, this one also has an exciting story of its creation. The Emperor Napoleon III narrowly escaped death during the terrorist act in front of the Opera at La Pelletier Street. Physically he was fine, but mentally hardly damaged. There was no way for him to visit that scary place at La Pelletier again.

What else was there to do for fun in 1858? There was no internet, TV or Improv shows at that time. He still had some days off even though he was full time emperor. Therefore, it was announced that there would be a contest for the best new opera house project design. Continue reading