How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

First of all, please sleep.  It’s a Photoshoot; it’s not an exam! There is no need to study all night.  The best thing you can do is look fresh and rested.  If you don’t sleep enough, we’ll face dehydrated flabby skin, tired eyes with big dark circles and burst blood vessels, distracted attention and, because of exhaustion, a need to get everything over with as soon as possible. Sounds scary, right? Probably, we will still be able to get some nice shots, but they definitely will be better if you have a good rest before.

How to prepare for a photoshoot

Please, no experiments with cosmetic products. No deep cleaning, tanning or hair removal the day before a photoshoot.  Moistening and smoothing is great but you should use products and tools you’ve tested before to avoid unexpected allergic reactions. Most of all, your skin needs plenty of water and a long, restful sleep.

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